Peyton: 2 years

Real talk here for a minute. Two is tough. No parents ever say, “I wish they could just stay 2 forever.” It’s like March Madness, you survive and advance.

Most kids have a radar for Picture Day. They’ll break out in a rash, refuse to nap, or act like an emotional Tasmanian devil. What I try to do for these sessions is give families lots of time. Little Miss P here, got a ride in the car, lots of snacks, tickles, and plenty of snuggles all in the name of memories to enjoy now and treasure later.

Because in the midst of tantrums and strong willed children, are fleeting moments of wonder and smiles that can melt your heart.

I get it. I’m a parent too.2016-02-10_00032016-02-10_00052016-02-10_00022016-02-10_00042016-02-10_00062016-02-10_00072016-02-10_00082016-02-10_00092016-02-10_0010

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